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11 May 2016 @ 11:13 pm
[DUET June 2016] Tensai Genius Crosstalk  

Scan from yoshiko-mama@lj

How well do the three of you get along?

Muraki Ryota: We’ve been together since we entered the agency. Nowadays, even if we’re together for a long time, we don’t need to worry. That’s how well we get along.

Motodaka Katsuki: It’s been over four years since I met the two of them~.

Sugeta Rinne: In the early days, I decided by myself to call Muraki, “The Red Guy” (laughs)

Muraki: Me too! In the early days, Motodaka wore solid red clothes all the time, right?

Motodaka: Ahaha. I think I did! Since a long time age, I’ve liked the color red.

Sugeta: I remember in the early days, Muraki was over-friendly, it surprised me. Do you remember, all of a sudden you said to me, “You’re a good dancer”?

Muraki: Eh~, I don’t remember at all! Why was I acting so superior? (laughs)


How is it like when the three of you are together?

Sugeta: Motodaka gets lonely easily.

Muraki: That’s true. He’s always asking where Rinne and I are. You get lonely when you’re by yourself, right?

Motodaka: It’s true, I don’t like being by myself… Because, if a ghost shows up when I’m by myself, it would be scary, right!?

Sugeta: A ghost isn’t going to show up, so relax (laughs). Muraki and I are the type that are fine with being alone. But maybe in one way or another, it’s because Katsuki talks to us that the three of us can get together.

Muraki: If you think of it like that, then it’s fine for Motodaka to get lonely easily (laughs).


Do you have any requests to the members?

Muraki: I wish Rinne would listen to our responses until the end when he’s asking questions!

Motodaka: I get what you mean~ (laughs). There are times when, even though you’re seriously answering Rinne’s questions, he would suddenly disappear.

Sugeta: Ahahaha! Sorry. A question would suddenly pop into my head and I would just say it out loud… Actually, I’m not interested in the answer itself.

Muraki & Motodaka: Hey! (laughs)


What if the three of you went out to have fun?

Motodaka: We are all outdoorsy, so going on a trip would be nice. Like in Hokkaido… Oh, I want to ride a banana boat in Okinawa!

Muraki: I want to try that thing. The flying board, which uses water pressure to lift you up from the water surface!

Sugeta: In “Sekai no Hate Made ItteQ!”, I saw Tegoshi (Yuuya)-kun try three times before he was able to get on the board. If that’s how much it took Tegoshi-kun, it would probably take me thirty tries (laughs). But it looks fun, so I want the three of us to try it ♪


Finally, say something to the fans!

Muraki: The things the three of us can do… I want to show them not only our cool or cute side, but also our funny side as well!

Sugeta: For that to happen, let’s go to Okinawa! We have to strengthen our bond even more.

Motodaka: Ahaha, you made a really good excuse to go to Okinawa (laughs)

Muraki: I want to show various sides of us, like our determination and how well we get along. I want the fans to pay attention to us more and more, so let’s do our best!


♪ I am still learning Japanese, and English is not my first language, so I apologize for any mistakes I may have made. Corrections and constructive criticism are very much welcome!
♪ If you wish to re-translate this article, please read this post. Thank you!

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massu_taichimassu_taichi on May 11th, 2016 08:54 pm (UTC)
Ah, Tensai Genius are the best.

Thanks for translating and sharing! ♥
Blamerall: Guriasumikyn on May 14th, 2016 10:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you for sharing this~
I would like to see how they will improve its skills in some years. They look promising.